To ensure optimal health and safety for my clients and for the greater community, I am implementing new protocol for all bookings until further notice.

All my safety measures are in place for your safety and peace of mind so that you can relax in your treatment knowing that you are in safe hands.

​Thank you for taking the time to read this and please contact me if you have any questions.


Before your appointment: 

  1. You will need to fill out and submit a COVID-19 declaration form before attending each appointment. Records will be stored confidentially and securely for 28 days only for the purpose of tracing COVID-19 infections.
  2. Please do not attend your appointment if you:


** If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, even if only mild, please call me to reschedule your appointment. If you arrive at your appointment displaying any of these symptoms, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will forfeit your deposit. 


  1. As I start your treatment I will apply a fluid resistant face mask
  2. All linen is cleaned and laundered
  3. Equipment, hot-spots and high touch items are disinfected between clients
  4. Disposable items will be used where possible
  5. Please do not pay cash. Eftpos or EFT available.


Upon Arrival:

  1. Your temperature will be checked at the door
  2. A plastic tub will be provided for you to safely place all your personal items including bags, shoes, keys and coat. This will be sanitised between clients.
  3. Remove earrings, necklace, belts or any metal like materials
  4. Sanitise your hands with the provided alcohol-based hand sanitiser 
  5. Once your hands are sanitised, I ask you please not to touch anything, including your face, eyes, nose, mouth or mobile phone. 


* Please bring socks with you as bare feet must be covered

** Please bring your own water bottle


Additional Clinic Protocol 

  1. There will no longer be a waiting area. If you arrive early, please text me and I will text you or call you to come in once I am ready.
  2. I need to allocate extra disinfecting time between each client. If you are running late, I will need to adjust your treatment accordingly. ​


Additional Massage Protocol

  1. Most of the treatment will be performed with you lying face down on the massage table
  2. Massage to the neck will be done face down
  3. Face and front upper body massage will not be performed
  4. Please do not pay cash. Eftpos or EFT available.



" Attending a Bodymind workshop was an intriguing experience. I became more aware of how emotions impact our bodies, how they manifest, some tools to release and it evoked my curiosity to learn more about my own body. My experience of working one-on-one with Janine was like wiping a layer of dust off a mirror. I learnt to see myself in all my raw, intense beauty. And I came to see that I didn’t need to be “fixed”, I needed help to be discovered. "
- Ardeena Scott

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